• Robbie Green

What happened to PPT?

If you’ve been around music education for the past 10 years you’ve probably heard or seen the pocket percussion teacher before on your Apple or Android phone. So, if you want to know what happened. . . Well here is the short version.

I built the mobile app PPT with a friend of mine from college. After its initial release, it was awesome to have a mobile resource to reach out to students and other teachers. The difficult part was staying on top of all of the programs and knowledge and changes that were happening on all the mobile platform at once.

The irony that Apple releases its iOS updates every September while I was knee-deep in marching band was literally the bane of my existence. It never failed every September I would come home from frying in the sun or get home after a band contest on Saturday to a bunch of messages that the new iOS update had destroyed everything that I had spent the last three or four years working on. The difficulty was not in figuring out what was broken but more or less why it was broken and how now to fix said broken thing that I had just learned how to put together not even a few months ago. So, after four or five years of being frustrated with the process and the rapid development of the mobile platform to a place where I couldn’t keep up any longer I just decided to let it go.

Since that time, I have been able to develop new content and I always knew that I would be able to use it at some point in time and I guess this pandemic presented a great opportunity for me to gather all of my materials again, add some new materials and give life again to this idea.

I love the idea of sharing information, and I love drumming! So, It’s back and in a format that I can handle moving forward. My hope has always been to create a unique and exciting resource for teachers and students to learn and be inspired. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something helpful that makes you a better player/teacher.

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